2023 Spring Interclub

Our Spring Table Tennis competition finished last night after 6 weeks.

In A Grade The Eagles 1 team of Nathan Kennedy and Gemma Buzzard took our the A Grade in first place. They continued on their great form from being the best team in the first round robin round.

In 2nd place this went to the IWMC 1 team of Kelly Martin and Steve McVicar. 

In B Grade the Eagles 1 Team of Mark Moore, Daryl King and Regieson Cordova took out first place.

In 2nd place that went the IWMC 3 team Gordon McMillan and Greg Erskine narrowly over their  IWMC 2 team in 3rd place.

A full list of the results, team finish positions and averages can be found on our 2023 Spring Interclub page.

Attention now focuses onto the New Zealand Nationals being played at Stadium Southland starting on Saturday.

Thanking You, Richard C